About hostel

We prepare a domitory that has bunk beds and shared space
on the first floor, and two private rooms on the second floor.

Room type and price

  • CAMOSIBA 部屋の写真

    Mix dormitory (6 beds)

    3,200yen~ per one person

  • CAMOSIBA 部屋の写真

    Women-only domitory (4 beds)

    3,500yen~ per one person

  • CAMOSIBA 部屋の写真

    Private room for 3 or 4 people (1 room)

    12,000yen~ per one room (for 3 people)
    16,000yen~ per one room (for 4 people)


  • CAMOSIBA 設備の写真

    shared kitchen

  • CAMOSIBA 設備の写真

    shower room

  • CAMOSIBA 設備の写真

    rest room


Free service

These are for free to use.
Please understand some are limited.

- Free wi-fi
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Hairdryer
- Body soap
- Free drink
- Miso
- Parking area (need reservation)

Rules for staying

Check-in      16:00〜21:00
Check-out       10:30

- If you will check in after 21:00 please let us know in advance. It may cost you excess charge.
- Smoking is prohibited inside the accomodation. Please smoking at specified place outside a building.
- All include tax.