Fermenting Bar


We also welcome using only
Fermentation Bar!

The daughter of Koji shop which lasted 100 years proposes the international exchange between Akita and the world.
Let’s enjoy eating and drinking of course with nice music and chattering together. Cover charge is not necessary (No charge).

OPEN:19:00~24:00 (22:30 food L.O./ 23:30 drink L.O.)

Daily pickles, Stewed chicken with tomato-sauce (Amazake taste), CAMOSIBA pizza, Today’s miso soup, etc.

Heartland Beer, Local Sake, World crafe beer, Cocktail, Local fruit juice, etc.


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    Stewed chicken
    with tomato-sauce (Amazake taste)

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    Cream cheese pickled in miso

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    Soft-boiled egg pickled in soy sause koji